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Realisation of the piloting – ZAMS

Piloting process in our institution has been planned accordingly to the project aims. We identified our target audience (other schools, educational institutions, youth organisations …) and then develop the strategy to approach and first disseminate our project and then pilot the project (by the interested teachers, psychologists, principals, pedagogical counsellors).

The first step was to introduce the project to the trainers, who were then trained for usage of handbook and online manual. During the piloting phase we added new features and regular feedback of our trainers was a great way to identify the strong and the weak points of our handbook and online tool to improve it.

The second stage was introducing the project and its impact to our audience and beneficiaries to get as many teachers, psychologists, principals, pedagogical counsellors as possible on board with our project piloting phase.

During the piloting phase we used different ways and methods to reach out target audience and beneficiaries – induction trainings, online events, events, parent teachers meetings, introduction in classes and to the counselling process in the schools.

Amid COVID-19 related restrictions we were lucky enough to have most of our students back in schools in June and in the early autumn of 2020 so we were able to conduct our piloting process in classrooms although piloting for teachers, counsellors, educational and youth workers stayed mainly online. Piloting process has been introduced to all main target groups (children age 12 to 19) in our primary and secondary schools.

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