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This is a review of several reports on how countries fighting against bullying in the schools. Author examined several country reports, policies and practices.

This is a brief memo of the main investigation. Research comprises Norway, Canada, Belgium Flanders, Switzerland, England, Spain, Finland and Australia.

As a result of the investigation researcher inferred that:

  • In schools where programs had been very thoroughly implemented, the reductions were sometimes quite large.
  • It is important to begin early. Young children can be influenced, it seems, to be less involved in bullying, more readily than older children. Early intervention is clearly very desirable.
  • We are evidently more successful in helping children to protect themselves from the bullies than in stopping those who bully. Victimized children are more strongly motivated to learn how to change their behaviour than those who bully.
  • We need to redouble our efforts in dealing more effectively to discourage the behaviour of those who bully others in schools, if only because these children are more likely than others to become aggressive and violent adults.
  • The problem-solving methods may be at least as effective as punitive methods in dealing with perpetrators, greater awareness of how and when these methods can be used is strongly recommended.


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