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Children Often Challowed and Threatened on YouTube (with Emma Keuven and Tuur)

 In this video there is an interview made with two victims of cyber bullying.

 There are two children who are using social media effectively, especially YouTube.

 Both of these children have their own YouTube channels. They are recording and airing them online. Both of them doing these videos with the support of their families.

 Emma has a YouTube channel where she shares her videos about fashion. She is a model and she say she likes to share her work with other people. However, she gets quite much backhanded compliments. Furthermore, she is being criticized very hard even insulted by other people. Reasons might be the way that she behaves, her style or any other things…

 Tuur also has his own YouTube channel where he records almost all his videos with his family. Similarly, with Emma, he also receives bad comments. People are criticizing his videos and reactions without regarding his age and psychological development.

At the end of the video, there is an expert about adolescence psychologist. She warns parents and social media users about cyber bullying and its prospective effects on children psychology.


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